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Industrial Chains

RENOLD [ROLON] Industrial Chains are widely used in textile, sugar, oil & water drilling, material handling, agriculture etc. The textile industry, in particular has been hugely benefitted by LGB`s complete rnage of chains, which covers the gamut right from blowroom to weaving and processing.

Vertical Integration

With its strong learnings towards quality,RENOLD has opted for vertical integration in all its product lines. The raw materials division is closely associated with the manufacturing process, by supplying unique raw material. So, right from procurement of the necessary material to the finished product, the company has been able to install comprehensive QC cycles.RENOLD`s steel rolling division produces cold rolled steel stripes, wires and strips with profiles to meet in-house requirements.

Tooling - The heart of chain making

RENOLD`s in-house tooling division is rated as one of the most modern in india.
The importance of precision toolings in chain-manufacture cannot be over-looked. It is the reason why RENOLD has its own modern, in-house tooling division equipped with CNC wire cutting, spark erosion and Mikron CNC boring machines.
This division is equipped with sphisicated machinery to undertake jobs requiring complete precision and complicated machining.

The process of perfection

RENOLD`s Government recognised R&D facility equipped with sophisicated equipment is capable of testing raw materials and finished products.
Finished Chains are qualified by testing in Dynamometer and Four Square Testing Machines before supply to customers.
The Application Engineering Cell enables LGB to design, manufacture and supply chains for special applications and specific needs.

Rolon Quality Features

ROLON Chains are designed and manufactured to highest standards employing leading edge technology, material selection, tooling, heat treatment and manufacturing methods.


The long life of chains depends to a alarge extent on bushes and pins, which provide the load bearing area. In ROLON chains, pins and bushes are provided with optium surface hardness for long durability.


All plates and rollers are shot peened to improve fatigue life. shot peening induces compressive forces in these offer high resistance against fatigue and impact loading.


Rolon chains are preloaded in special fixtures. This enhances resistance against initial elongation and fatigue and impact loading.


The wider waist of Rolon link plates combined with optimum press fitted bushes and pins holes ensures perfect cylinderical holes and work hardening, which helps optium press fits and greater bearing area.


Wear life also depends upon the perfect roundness of the cylinderical parts like pins and bushes. Rolon bushings are curl formed from inhouse manufactured specially processed steel to achive complete round shape with uniform wall thickeness. Pins are produced in special purspose machines and processed suitably to achieve greater roundness.

Advantages of Chain Transmission

  • Transmission Accuracy

    Higher transmission efficiency assures accurate and constant speed ratio.
  • Versatile Layout

    Maximum freedom in selecting shaft centre distance enables more freedom in layout than any other transmission system, even with space limitation.

Long Life

Chain has extremely high long life working under severest conditions.

  • Trouble-free Transmission

    Due to simple construction, chains require easy maintenance, which is less expensive.
  • Smooth Transmission

    Accurate selection of chains & sprockets enables smooth and quiet transmission

Chain Components, Construction & Connecting Links

The member which bears the entire Chain load acts as bearing together with the bush as the chain engages with the sprocket. Thus the pin is usually subjected to wear, shear and bending.
Together with the pin it acts as a abearing at times of engagement with the sprocket. It also protects the pin from impact loads. High resistance to wear and fatigue strength are its essential requirements.
Essentially a shock absorber which reduces the impact effects resulting from engagement with the sprocket and also permits rolling engagement with the sprocket. Should have high resistance to wear, fatigue and impact loads.
The member holds the pin and bushes and is subjected to tension. Therefore its requirements are high tensile strength and resistance to fatigue and impact loads.

An inner link consists of six parts. Two bushings are press fitted into two plates and two free-rotating rollers are assembled over the bushings.
An outer link consists of four members. Two pins are press-fitted into two plates. In the rivetted type outer link, the pins are rivetted on both ends. In the cotter type outer link one end of the pin is rivetted, and the other end ahs a hole and extends beyond the outer plate just far enough to receive the cotter pin.
There are two types of connecting links.
Two pins are press-fitted into one plate and rivetted at one end. The other end of each pin has to allow installation of cotter pin. The connecting plate is a aslip-fit on the pins.
Two pins are press-fitted into one link plate are rivetted at one end. The other end of each pin is grooved to permit installation of the spring clip which holds the connecting plate is a slip-fit on the pins.
in this link half of the links is like an outer link and half is an inner link. One bushing is press-fitted into two cranked plates, and one free-rotating roller is assembled slip.

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